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How to suport the Half Moon Bay Community

We are deeply saddened by the mass shooting in Half Moon Bay and the impact this tragedy has for the entire Coastside community and specifically for farmworkers at both farms and their families.

The Coastside has gone through so much already this year, and here is another devastating event.

We grieve with you over this senseless violence and for the innoncent lives taken.

You can support the families impacted by this shooting by giving to our partner organizations providing direct assistance.

Coastside Hope– select (Farmworker Fund)

ALAS (Ayudando Latinos a Soñar)– select (HMBStrong Fund)

Donations made through Puente’s designated fund (select designation: Half Moon Bay Community Fund) will be directed to the Half Moon Bay families affected by this event. Please reach out to Alejandra Ortega, Fund Development Director, at or call (650)262-4100 if you have any questions.

Puente’s Storm Relief

The community of Pescadero experienced three floods with the first one impact our town of Pescadero on New Year Eve, then on Monday, January 9th, and then on Saturday, January 14, 2023. For many residents of the South Coast, the storms also caused power outages that prolonged for 6-8+ days, leaving many without running water to wash, shower or flush toilets. Many had their groceries go to waste, farm workers lost days of work, businesses closed leaving many without work and others could not leave as roads closed. 

We want to thank our neighbors, friends, partners and government agencies who have reached out to us and supported us during these times. We appreciate you. 

As we continue to hear from the community that has been impacted by the rain, floodings, power outages, and loss of work hours, our team will provide Winter Storm Recovery Assistance. We are estimating that in all, we will need about $350,000 to support community members through our Winter Storm Recovery Assistance Program. Community members living in Pescadero, La Honda, Loma Mar or San Gregorio will be able to apply for any of these services below.  

If you would like to provide financial support to one of these programs, please click on this link. We appreciate your support during these times.  

Donate online or mail check to:
PO BOX 554, Pescadero, CA 94060

For more information, please contact:

Alejandra Ortega, Fund Development Director I I 650-262-4100.

Bridgitte Deacon, Fund Development Associate I I 650-262-5998.


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