Our Vision

The South Coast region is an inclusive and thriving community where people embrace diversity and equity.


Puente fosters wellness and prosperity in the San Mateo County South Coast communities of Pescadero, La Honda, Loma Mar, and San Gregorio by promoting and advocating for equitable access to education, health, and economic security.


All individuals, families, and communities have dreams for the future.

At Puente, we believe that self-sufficiency is essential for turning those dreams into reality. Every day, we walk side-by-side with our South Coast neighbors as they cross the bridge toward independence. By advocating for health, education, and community development, we elevate our communities to build confidence for themselves.

Because when people have equitable access to the local resources that support their dreams, they’re one step closer to realizing them.


Build Equity

From the individual needs we meet every day to the true liberation we long for in our community, we are working every day to build and increase equity for all who call this place home.

Claim Justice For All

We witness and name the injustices we see in our community and in our systems. We work with our participants so that they can live in dignity now, even as we keep our eye on the never-ending work to address systemic oppression.

Be Transparent 

We strive for transparency in every relationship. We’re clear about what we will and won’t do, and what we expect of others, whether they are our partners, participants, or our community. We hold ourselves and our partners accountable and set boundaries.

Elevate Trust

We listen and relate to those we serve in the community, building deep trust as their companions walking side-by-side with them towards a self-sustaining, thriving future. Trust is the cornerstone of our work.

Share Strength

We are all part of a whole, but not each of us knows that we are in charge of our own power. Puente does our best to tap into that power both for an individual’s dignity and for the benefit of the community we love.