Health insurance, quality education, affordable housing, and employment rights remain inaccessible to many in Pescadero, La Honda, Loma Mar, and San Gregorio. These systems that surround San Mateo County, like so many other U.S. communities, are complex and often uphold historic racial oppression and discrimination. 

Our South Coast neighbors deserve an ally that shares tools for self-advocacy, empowering them to overcome these barriers of oppression and move confidently forward into their future.


In 2015, Puente advocated for a new county-funded health clinic for the South Coast, brought healthcare providers “into the field” to treat workers and families, and conducted the first-ever health […]


As the voice of the community, advocacy is the core of Puente’s uniting work on the South Coast, through partnerships with San Mateo county and other nonprofits. Our weekly Pescadero […]


Puente’s education programs help students of all ages learn. From 2013-2014, Puente helped students excel through partnerships with Stanford and UC Santa Cruz Universities. Puente’s Family Engagement Initiative, a partnership […]


Puente is often the first and only stop for nearly 1,500 people each year. We are an emergency resource for rent, utilities, information, bedding, clothing, and toiletries. We are here […]