An Advent Resource for Protestant and Catholic Faith Communities

Here on the South Coast, we’re preparing for the end of the year and all the celebrations that come with it.

At the heart of the season is Posada, when we remember Mary and Joseph’s migration to Bethlehem and their search for hospitality, and when we practice offering light to each other.

Their search for welcome reminds us of our call to welcome others, especially people who are different from us and people who have greater need. At Puente, more than 200 families depend on us for the basics – food and toys – for the holiday season. As we look toward Posada, we’re struck by the generosity of our donors, particularly the communities of faith that have built relationships, donated time and money and items, and who have kept the beloved communities on the South Coast in their prayers.

Again, this year we offer you a resource for the Advent season prepared by Dr. Theodore Hiebert and Rev. Abby Mohaupt. They spent the summer of 2015  thinking about how the Bible speaks to us on the South Coast and how the reading of our sacred text can be affected by our relationship to the land. Their writings continue to resonate today. You can download the whole resource here.



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