Social Hosting

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 A Social Host Ordinance has been proven effectively to help protect and deter youth from drinking underage. Communities, counties and states across the country are passing and enforcing this type of law. Is your county next? So what exactly is it….

What is a Social Host Ordinance?

This ordinance, or law, holds a person(s) responsible for “knowingly” providing a place for an underage drinking party. A Social Host Ordinance may include a criminal or civil fine that can be applied on top of other violations. Other violations may include a providing alcohol to minor’s citation or operating while intoxicated violation.

bc6030b6babb3470c1646d293d1e178What Can Parents Do To Help?

*    Monitor alcohol use in your home – keep track of the supply

*    Develop family norm’s about teen drinking, set a good example, and don’t allow unsupervised parties

*    Connect with other parents and share information about the dangers of Social Hosting

*    Don’t support teen drinking – don’t supply alcohol to minors or provide a place for teens to drink

Our South Coast Prevention Prevention Partnership is gaining momentum on the topic of Social Hosting. We invite you to join in this important discussion by adding your name to the email meeting notification by contacting:

Jorge Guzman at

You may also contact all of us by calling 650-879-1691.