Call for volunteers!

Puente has openings for volunteers to work with Puente participants in two different education programs. Volunteering for either of these positions will earn you major karma points, and help empower local men and women to reach their scholastic dreams.

  • Spanish tutors for GED program

Puente seeks two Spanish-speaking tutors to mentor adult clients who are in the middle of earning their GED. One tutor should have some affinity for teaching science, the other for high school-level math. Both positions require a commitment of 2 hours per week.

  • Plaza Comunitaria tutors

Puente needs at least 4 volunteer tutors for Plaza Comunitaria, the Mexican government-sponsored program that helps adults earn their elementary or middle school certificates. Fluency in Spanish is a must.

  • Puente finance committee

Puente needs a volunteer to join Puente’s finance committee. The committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board regarding internal aspects of programs, such as costs, projections, budgeting; program planning and its connection to the budgeting process; financial management and its connection to all internal functions; review of financial statements and audits.

To volunteer, please contact Abby Mohaupt at or (650) 879-1691 x 196.

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