Call for volunteers!

April 26: Día de los niños volunteers

We are looking for several people to help with set up and cleanup for our Día de los niños celebration on April 26. We are also looking for volunteers to help with games and activities for children. Set up begins in the early afternoon on April 26 and cleanup is after the event ends at 8pm.


Be a Mentor!

We are looking for several people to serve as mentors for high school youth. This position expects volunteers to guide and mentor students around potential career options and life skills like getting a driver’s license, as well as being a positive role model for youth. We also expect that a mentor should talk to their mentee (high school youth) on a weekly/bi-monthly/monthly basis about assignments, tests, study skills, especially if that youth is struggling in school.


Tutoring: Three Opportunities

Puente has openings for volunteers to work with Puente participants in three different education programs. Volunteering for these positions will earn you major karma points, and help empower local men and women to reach their scholastic dreams.

Spanish tutors for GED program

Puente seeks two Spanish-speaking tutors to mentor adult clients who are in the middle of earning their GED (General Educational Development/high school equivalency) certification. The commitment for these volunteers is for one afternoon a week in either Pescadero or La Honda, but we especially need one in La Honda. We would like this volunteer to be able to commit to tutor students until they take the test.

Plaza Comunitaria tutors

Puente needs two Spanish speaking tutors to work once a week with students preparing for the primaria (equivalent to elementary school) and secondaria (equivalent to middle school) sections of the Plaza Comunitaria. We need one of these tutors to be located in La Honda.

High school tutors

English speaking tutors are needed for high school students on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30pm-5:00pm.


To volunteer, please contact Abby Mohaupt at or call (650) 879-1691.


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