Welcome to New Puente Staff Members

Madeleine (Maddy) Kane is joining the Puente team as the Community Health Manager. She has previously worked in Redwood City/North Fair Oaks, CA and Sololá, Guatemala supporting community health, education, family engagement and grassroots community empowerment. To her, healthy individuals are created in a healthy community, and she is excited to join a team that supports community in so many ways. She is passionate about the intersections of health, justice, and policy, and supported Puente’s Community Health Survey in 2014 as an intern to create a more accurate representation of the demographics and health statistics for South Coast residents. She has worked for organizations as varied as Partners in Health, Puente de Amistad (Guatemala), and Redwood City 2020, and graduated with a B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford University. She hopes to always be working with, giving back to, and inspired by communities as dynamic, strong, and beautiful as the South Coast.

Adriana Serrano is joining the Puente team as the Economic Security Manager. She has been an active member of the South Coast community for many years. She received her bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Cruz in Latin American Studies. Adriana is passionate about living, working, and raising her family in such a unique community setting, such as our South Coast and believes in creating strong communities. It makes sense that Adriana’s path has brought her to Puente, as she has always helped friends and family navigate critical needs and resources.

Ulises Zatarain is joining the Puente team as the Development Director. He brings over 10 years of experience in Institutional Advancement and Community Development to Puente. Throughout his career Ulises has implemented a variety of economic development, educational, and social service programs for local and statewide institutions, as well as many non profit organizations. Most recently, Ulises was Program Director at the U.S National Arboretum in Washington, D.C. overseeing youth education and public outreach programs; implementing a variety of institutional funding initiatives, and donor engagement campaigns. He was also VP of Community Programs for the Resurrection Project in Chicago where he oversaw education, economic development, and community engagement. He was intricately involved in diversifying, strengthening, and exponentially growing funding support for programs during his tenure. Ulises served as an Adjunct Faculty professor, teaching Literature, History, and Humanities courses, at St. Augustine College in Chicago. He has a Master of Arts from Northeastern Illinois University, and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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