Men gather at La Sala for Holiday Dinner

Forty-five farm and nursery workers gathered for a delicious meal, singing, and gifts at Puente’s annual La Sala Holiday Dinner. Once again, the threatened bad weather did not materialize — in fact, some men were unable to attend the party because they were back in the fields picking leeks. Many thanks to Mike Scott and the Curcio Family for collecting and assembling gift bags for the men that included wool blankets, jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, toiletries, towels, hats, and more; to Norma Zavala and her family for cooking a wonderful meal including atole, tamales, turkey mole and posole; to our friends at Early Bird Farms for providing another delicious turkey; to Janet Murphy for collecting raffle items and, as always, being a wonderful host; to Carol Young-Holt and David Sandage for serving and cleaning (and to Dave for being the raffle master); to Cristina Salgado, Bernardo Flores, Luis Lopez, Jorge Vargas and Javier Morales for everything, and to Jose Luis and Gabriel Echeverria for leading beautiful songs.


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