Puente news, weekly: A note from Kerry Lobel

Puente’s newsletter marks its third anniversary this spring. Over the years, we’ve used this newsletter to share the stories of our South Coast community – stories that move and inspire us, and which reflect the resilience and diversity of this extraordinary place we call home. We are proud to show how Puente’s programs have helped sustain an ever-higher quality of life for the South Coast’s most vulnerable residents.

Puente and our community has continued to grow over the last three years. Four years ago, Puente gave college scholarships to Barbara Guzman and Mariela Lopez, two local students who were employed by Puente’s Summer Youth Program. Now they are the first Puente youth to graduate from four-year colleges – a full-circle moment for us.

Two years ago, Puente’s first-ever South Coast community health care survey turned up major disparities for people who have been excluded from the health care system. Today, Puente is building on the success of our Health Fair and field vaccine campaign by welcoming on-site health providers who will treat locals on a regular basis.

This week, we’re launching our new, redesigned weekly newsletter. Every Monday,  you’ll get a fresh take on South Coast stories in the words of people who live here and define this community – farmers and farm workers, mothers and fathers, students and caring mentors. And of course, you’ll be kept in the loop on the latest Puente events and volunteer opportunities.

I’m excited that this new format will allow us to highlight the timely news and needs of our community. These changes also come as a prelude to an overall website redesign, coming later this spring.

As always, if you like what you read, spread the good word about Puente. And don’t forget to find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for regular updates.

Here’s to lots of good news in 2015!

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