Safety First!

A county program is helping families keep their young children safe every day. San Mateo County provides free car seats, education, and help with proper installation for low-income families of need. On the South Coast, families can express their need to our Safety Net Services Manager, Lorena, who then contacts Patrice Christensen, the Injury Prevention Program Coordinator. Sheriff Jose Curincita then comes down to Pescadero with the car seat and helps to install it safely. All recipients are simply required to watch an educational safety video. Last week, Puente participant, Yolanda, went through the process for her third child who will soon be born and, in the meantime, learned that the car seat she was using for her 4-year-old daughter was not secure. Thanks to our partners at the county, though, Yolanda’s family and many others can now travel safely knowing their kids will be protected.


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