Established in 2010, through Puente de la Costa Sur, the South Coast Prevention Partnership was formed through the collaboration of parents, youth, and prevention providers. The focus of the partnership is to prevent Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) use and abuse to minors through education and dialog among its partners in the South Coast region of San Mateo County. The South Coast Prevention Partnership has grown since 2010 to 20 members strong who represent local and municipal agencies, non-profit agencies, law enforcement, and educators. The target area of service is to increase protective factors, build the capacity of an effective prevention system, decrease harm associated with access to AOD, and decrease underage (youth) access /availability to AOD. The SCPP is funded through San Mateo County; Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, Alcohol and Other Drug, Community Prevention grants.

The South Coast Prevention Partnership has developed the following objectives:

  • Build Capacity, Enhance Place, Connect People
    • Community Mural
    • Recruit participants for the South Coast Prevention Partnership meetings
  • Increase Protective Factors, Increase Capacity, Decrease Access
    • Develop a pledge to not provide alcohol to underage youth (under age 21) at home or in social events.
    • Empower families with youth (under age 21) to sign pledge to not provide alcohol to underage youth at home or in social events.
  • Decrease Access, Decrease Harm, Enhance Place, Foster Propriety, Expand Partnership
    • Reduce alcohol retail access to minors
    • ABC Compliance checks
    • Responsible Beverage Service Training – for local merchants and fair organizers
    • Develop an 8.5×11” display that can be placed on the windows of local businesses/ agencies that pledge to stand against youth access to alcohol
    • Improve the business viability of responsible establishments
    • Support quality of life in the neighboring community

Adults, youth, and community members are encouraged to participate in this engaging group that is committed to stopping the illegal use of substances amongst our youth in the South Coast.

For more information contact:

Jorge Guzman at jguzman@mypuente.org