Support families and children on the South Coast this Giving Tuesday

The South Coast is a study in contrasts.

It’s a region of great wealth – increasingly, a coveted place for Silicon Valley multimillionaires to pursue their ranchland retirements. And it’s a place of great poverty, where lack of affordable housing obliges a family of 4 to cram into a barracks bedroom just large enough for a mattress, and share a bathroom with 16 other people.

Welcome to life in rural Pescadero, where farm workers who pick produce for minimum wage can’t afford to buy it at a supermarket without public assistance.

For 16 years, Puente has been working to improve quality of life for all South Coast residents and to help ensure that the children of farm workers go on to become first in their families to go to college.

Puente is the only community resource center on the South Coast and the only organization in San Mateo County that focuses primarily on agricultural workers and their families.


Starting today and through Tuesday, December 1, join us as we raise $16,000 to support families this holiday season. Provide gift cards. Support safe driving. Empower farmworkers. Support the South Coast today.

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