What does Puente need this month?

Glad you asked! Puente is gathering school supplies and taking cash donations for our upcoming Día de los Niños celebration (April 23) in conjunction with Pescadero Elementary School. Puente is making 120 bags for the children stocked with:

Stuffed animals
Rubber ducks
Pencil sharpeners
Children’s socks
New books!

We are also having a special, targeted campaign on Rally for Zumba! Even with the great success of our recent Zumbathon, we still have about a $5,000 gap we are trying to fill in before our next grant rolls in. $30 pays for one monthly membership for a Zumba instructor; $50 covers the cost for one Zumba instructor to teach one class; $101 pays for childcare for one class; $500 will more than finish paying for a new sound system! Visit Rally and contribute what you can today.

Finally, Puente needs healthy snacks for our children and adult programs. Fruit, granola bars, juices, individual soups and popcorn – all are welcome.

To donate, call (650) 879-1691 ext. 196 or email Abby Mohaupt amohaupt@mypuente.org.

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