Dear Puente supporter, Every day, it is clear that we are truly stronger together. Puente continues be a safe place for all of us on the South Coast and especially for our immigrant neighbors whom despite their hard work, kindness and endless contributions to the local and global economy have been targeted. I am moved by the stories of my neighbors who stand brave in the face of threats posed by unfair immigration enforcement. I am inspired by my neighbors who are studying for their citizenship tests and the local and regional volunteers who are tutoring them to pass their exams. I am motivated by the toddlers and parents in our bilingual childcare cooperative that learn together every day building a bridge of friendship and inclusion. I am stirred by the youth in our leadership and employment program that push themselves to achieve their highest dreams and the many volunteers who support them along the way. I am encouraged by those neighbors that seek behavioral and physical health services to improve their quality of life. For every one of my South Coast neighbors, there is a story of resilience and hope. There is also a story of neighbors or strangers who offer an open hand and open heart to help our community be healthy, sustainable and inclusive. On many days, this mutual support seems like a miracle. On other days, I know it is the result of countless people providing the time, support and resources necessary for small, isolated organizations like Puente to survive. I am honored to share those stories with you in this annual report. The need for Puente’s work has never been greater, especially when national policies affect the ability of our agricultural community to survive and thrive. We could not do what we do without you. You have our deepest appreciation. Warm regards, Executive Director Letter from Rita Mancera 2