b'OCTOBER 2020Fresh, Healthy Food deliveries to 55+ households Debbie Brown and her husband Steve have been married nearly 30 years. They live in a small mobile home in the La Honda redwoods, off the grid and far from most services. During the pandemic, groceries were scarce and Steve, who is diabetic, couldnt see a doctor or get his medication. He had been dropped by Medi-Cal. Were the people who fell through the cracks, is how Debbie puts it. Then she heard of Puente and called, which connected a San Mateo County Field Nurse to care for Steve while Puente started supplying them with home grocery delivery each week. Puente launched its food distribution program immediately at the start of COVID-19 and, at its height, reached hundreds of Debbie Brown meets Puente stafffamilies each week. Local farms, other agencies and even at the Puente La Honda office tocommunity members donated meat, eggs, fish and produce. pick-up her groceries. Debbie Brown se rene con elLater, the food program transitioned to grocery gift personal de Puente en la oficinacards. de Puente La Honda para recoger su despensa. Today, Puentes community health team brings curated grocery orders to 108 households like Debbiesto seniors 55+ who have reduced income, mobility barriers or both. My husbands a diabetic, andWe madenow we can stay healthy, says Debbie. 94grocery delivery trips to homes. 10'