b"Financial assistance through challenging timesOUR IMPACT NUESTRO IMPACTOAs community members find themselves getting back out to more normal times, inflation is 2021-2022impacting families budgets and expenses. Corina Rodriguez can see it in action. We are being asked333a lot, if there will be another stimulus payment from the government? And Ive been getting calls about gas gift cards, she says.applications for Rodriguez is Puentes Community Development Director. She and her team have seen requests forfinancial assistance financial assistance from community members increase by more than 150% since 2019a staggeringcompleted amount. At first, it was for help with rent, groceries and utilities due to work hours lost during COVID. Then the CZU Lightning Complex Fires impacted San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties, leading to solicitudes deevacuations, lost incomes and even some lost housing. Now low-income locals face the uncertainties asistencia and difficulties of inflation. completadasParticipants are not just behind on a bill, they are behind in general. People are using credit cards to$ 231,383pay for everything, or they are borrowing money if they dont have a credit card, says Rodriguez. Through partnerships with San Mateo County and other funders, Puente helps community membersin financial with essentials, including groceries for their families, resources for rent and utility assistance and basicsassistance like children's clothes. distributed en cantidad Everythings gone up in price. So it's really important to get funds out with as little stress as possible,de ayudabecause participants are already in a stressful situation, says Rodriguez. We want to empower our financiera participants with the tools and support to make their own financial decisions. distribuida6"