C. Edwin Baker Youth Bridges Award

Puente is proud to announce the C. Edwin Baker Youth Bridges Award, named after C. Edwin “Ed” Baker. Ed, a University of Pennsylvania law professor, was known as one of the nation’s foremost constitutional legal scholars. Ed was a man who walked his talk and stood up for liberty, equality and justice. He was a scholar and a man who lived simply because he believed that luxury dulled our understanding of the world’s inequities and injustices. 

Raised in the small town of Madisonville, Kentucky, Ed graduated from Stanford University, Yale Law School, and was a Fellow at Harvard on three separate occasions. For most of his adult life, Ed was a law professor, including the last 28 years as a professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, Ed died suddenly in 2009, at the age of 62. He left the bulk of his estate to charities. A committee selected by Ed before his death selected Puente to receive $5,000. This  gift was made in honor of Puente development director, Tricia Dell.

A portion of the gift, $1,000, has been designated to initiate the C. Edwin Baker Youth Bridges Award. Each year Puente awards scholarships to youth that have worked at Puente during their tenure at Pescadero High School.

All contributions to the Youth Bridges Award are welcome.

Ed (C.Edwin) Baker


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