Children and Clay: A Nativity Scene Art Project

Last Sunday it was the third week that local children met at the Pescadero Community Church with local artists and Puente Youth Staff to continue the creation of a Nativity Scene to be on display during the Holidays.

This week children were making decorative vessels with clay and nature. Here the words of Leader of the Project, Artist Logan Payne.

“This was a project that required building with clay. After the pots are glazed and fired, we will be planting trees in them.
The trees come from The Free Tree Project, right here in Pescadero. The Brancart family – and their three teen agers, Briden, Claudia and Ellen – have been gathering seeds from native trees in the area, planting them, growing them in their back yard. When the tress are big enough, they give them away.
You can see the Brancart kids on You Tube at pescadero free trees. They have made their own videos. On Sunday, December 12, Briden, Claudia and Ellen will bring trees for us to plant in our pots and will tell us about their project. The planted trees will be part of the decoration of the Nativity. 
At the end of the project each of the children will be able to take home their pot and tree.”

Resources for this program are provided by the San Francisco Foundation..

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