Day of the dead workshop Participants make Bread of the dead

On Tuesday November 2nd participants of the Day of the dead workshops made bread of the dead.

Bread of the dead or Pan de Muertos is a sweetened soft bread shaped like a bun, often decorated with bone-like pieces. Pan de muertos is eaten on Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), at the grave site or altar. It is eaten As part of the celebration along with the relatives favorite foods. The “bones” represent the lost relative and a baked tear drop on the bread represents sorrow. The bones are ussually in a circle to portray the circle of life.

Participants talked about the differences in their traditions regarding the  making of  Pan de Muertos and in their celebrations.

Watch the video below:

The Final altar will be displayed on November 3rd at the Pescadero’s Farmer’s Market from 4-7pm.

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