Local children at their 2nd Meeting of Nativity Scene Art Project

Local children met again this past Sunday Nov. 7th with artists Logan Payne, Nancy Quicker and Lou Heine to continue working on the Nativity/Nacimientos Project to be on display at Pescadero Community Church during the Posadas Navidenas.

Here some insights from Logan:
“I am so happy with the project so far. The aides are terrific…All of the kids concentrated for almost 1 1/2 hours on making stars from clay last Sunday. I thought they might rush through the project but they didn’t. They stayed with it and came up with creative variations.
We have two very talented artists working with the children. Lou Heine was in charge of the stars, and Nancy Quickert will be making clay pots with the children this Sunday. The women decided to help each other, so we have both artists coming on two Sundays. Incredible generosity.”

Funds for this program are provided by the San Francisco Foundation.


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