Magical Community Posada

The third annual Community Posada took place last night, December 17, 2010. Puente served as the lead organizer and sponsor of the event. A series of rain storms did not keep participants away. 30 pilgrims walked from Puente to St. Anthony’s Church, a local home, and finally to the Pescadero Community Church where they were joined by more than 120 attendees. Participants were welcomed by ringing church bells and Pastor Detlef Matthies. Puente staff members Veronica Ortega and Jorge Guzman welcomed the group and Cristina Salgado and Barbara Guzman led holiday carols. A magnificant Nacimientos on the Church altar, combined with young angels, brought mystery, spirit and joy to the group. Santa Claus surprised the children when he was delivered by a fire truck with full sirens blazing.

Many thanks to those that made the event possible.

Alpha Delta Kappa
Johnny Apple Seed
Jorge Arias
Jorge Arias, Jr.
Bella Vista Foundation
Jim Brigham
Juan Cabrera
Cal Fire Pescadero Station 59
Lino Carmona
Catholic Worker of Half Moon Bay
Coastside Women’s Club
The Curcio Family
Marta Drury
Concepcion Escalona
Half Moon Bay Review
Kate and Jeff Haas
Austin Hall
Detlef Matties
Jane Mauss
Janet  Murphy
Roger Olsen
Logan Payne
Peninsula Metropolitan Community Church
Alfredo Perez
Pescadero Community Church
Juan Rodriguez
San Francisco Foundation Faiths Program
Marcos Santacruz
Mike  Scott
Sonrisas Dental Clinic
St. Anthony’s Church
St. Vincent de Paul Society of Pescadero
Via Brand Alliance
Taqueria de los Amigos
ViaBrand Alliance
David Sandage and Carol Young-Holt

The Puente staff with special thanks to Veronica Ortega, Norma Zavala, Alejandra Resendiz and Rita Mancera.

Photos by Detlef Matthies.

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