Nacimientos Project nearly ready for Dec. 17 debut

THE NATIVITY PROJECT is a  joint project of the Pescadero Community Church and Puente de la Costa Sur, with a grant from the Faith’s Initiative of the San Francisco Foundation

The Nativity Project is a six week arts project with local artists and children to create a Nativity scene with adobe figures, and other adornments, for the Community Church altar.

It will be ready for display by the evening of December 17 when 250 people attending the Posada, recreating the journey of Joseph and Mary, process from St. Anthony’s Catholic Church to the Pescadero Community Church.

Tthe Project as a way to bridge the church community, low income, and Mexican immigrant communities on the south coast. We all share the story of the Mary and Joseph seeking room at the inn. We all need to find a place in the community.

The children will meet for the last activities, this Sunday, December 12, from 10 am to 12 pm at the Pescadero Community Church, 363 Stage Road. Three local teens will tell the children about their brainchild, the Free Tree project, and will be bringing trees for the children to plant in pots the children made with The Clay Lady, Nancy Quickert. The children will also begin stringing together hundreds of white clay stars they made with local artist, Lou Heine to hang over the Nativity scene.

Thanks to Detlef Matties for the photos below.


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