Puente at New Leaf in HMB for Community Day

On Thursday, May 26th, New Leaf Market in Half Moon Bay hosted Puente for its Community Day. In thanks, Puente hosted an open house for New Leaf shoppers and staff. Guests were treated to foods, made from scratch, using fresh ingredients from the market itself. Chef Norma Zavala, along with five youth staff, showcased a variety of foods, such as quesadillas made with handmade tortillas, beans, guacamole, and freshly chopped pico de gallo salsa. Guests were also treated to beverages of agua de jamaica and horchata. The Puente team was there for three hours from 4 pm until 7 pm.

Chef Norma said, “It was a beautiful experience to be there and meeting new people. We’ve come here before and I was a bit timid having people watch as we made the food, but now we are more comfortable.” They wrapped up the night with full bellies and smiles. 5% of all profits that day were donated to Puente.

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