Team Backpack launches 2011 campaign

Team Backpack has launched Puente’s 2011 campaign.  We’re looking at a total universe of 366 Pescadero and La Honda students – mostly the children of farmworkers and their families. Last year we distributed more than 200 backpacks (up from 132 in 2009) and this year, I’m sure we’ll be doing many  more.

We are now are looking for the school supplies and backpacks to meet what we expect to be an even greater demand this year for school supplies. Many people do not realize that there are few school supplies for purchase in our rural and isolated area.

If you have any sources for school supplies or way to broadcast the word, please let us know.

We need large quantities of the following and any amount will help us toward our goal. For the full list of school supplies, click here.

Water bottles
Pencils (thick-primary, and regular #2)
Watercolor marker sets
Elmers white glue
Reusable lunch bags
Spiral binders
Loose-leaf writing paper (wide & narrow lines)
Composition books
24-count crayons
Fiskars blunt and sharp scissors
Glue sticks
8 count water colors
Solid color folders
Packages of construction paper
3 X 3 post-it notes
Color pencils set (8 or 12)
Pencil sharpeners
Ruler (inches, centimeters)
Lined paper
Graph paper
Mini-white board & markers
Mini-chalk board & chalk
Play doh (small sets)
Flash drives
Small boxes of Kleenex
Binder clips/paper clips
3-ring binders
Scotch tape
Large and pencil top erasers

Please call Kerry Lobel at (650) 879-1691 ext. 144 if you can help. Or email Kerry at

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