b'A NEW IDEA FOR YOUTH SUCCESSBrandon Marn started classes at his dream school, UC Berkeley, in fall 2019. Even before he got to campus, he had his ideal dorm picked out. But it wasnt always easy for Marn, the son of Pescadero farmworkers, to imagine himself at Berkeley. That changed when he joined Puentes Youth Leadership Development and Employment Program at the age of 14. Puente staff helped Marn believe he could take on the world. Over the years, theyve provided a lot of help with examples of careers to look into, he says.Not only that. When Marn struggled with math and science in high school, in addition to school resources, PuenteSince its launch in 2007, 183 staff found tutors for him. By the timelocal students high school he graduated, math and science were his strongest subjects. and college students have Since its launch in 2007, 183 Southreceived academic support, Coast students have been part ofenrichment programming Puentes youth program. Data showsand paid internships. Puente that students like Marn benefit mostprovided scholarships totaling from consistent academic support,$106,186 during the last year.coaching, and job/life readiness skills over several years. In 2018, Puente was accepted into the competitive PropelNext program to transition its legacy youth program into a new program called IDEA, the Individual Development: Economic & Academic Program.Puentes Education Team will work more closely with the Pescadero High School staff on academic interventions and case management for 10th, 11th and 12th graders. Moving forward, Puente expects students will either matriculate into college or enter the workforce earning 20% above the minimum wage; increasing their earning potential during their lifetimes. 12'