b'REDUCING BLOOD PRESSURE, PROMOTING GOOD HEALTHAmerican Heart Association blood pressure workshopTaller de presin arterial con la Asociacin Americana del CoraznOn the South Coast, one of the most serious threats to peoples health is invisible. Many locals struggle with chronic high blood pressure, as Puentes Health Team knows from its outreach work.Our population is at risk for high blood pressure. We see it at the clinic a lot and it is a big concern, says Vicente Lara, Puentes Program Director.But reducing blood pressure often requires lifestyle changes around stress, nutrition and exercise. And that starts with learning about solutionswhich is why Puente was thrilled to partner with the American Heart Association for a blood pressure workshop for locals in May 2019.Fifteen local adults diagnosed with high 3,462 blood pressure attended the three-part workshop, called Check. Change. Control. outreach and healthA Spanish-speaking community health touches were providedworker taught them how to monitor their by Community Healthblood pressure. They talked about healthier Workers. culturally relevant ingredients for meals and strategies for getting more exercise. At the end of the workshop, they all received blood pressure monitors.Lara has already observed changes in peoples diet and exercise regimens. More people started coming to our walking/running group, they joined the Zumba classes. And there are more conversations around nutrition, he says.4'