b'TACKLING TRAUMAWe all have experienced some type of trauma or chronic stress. Now Puente is using trauma-informed best practices across all our programs to help transform the South Coast community and change how we view behavior from what is wrong with you? to what happened to you?In January of 2019, Puente contracted with Trauma Transformed and the East Bay Agency for Children to provide Puente and the La Honda-Pescadero Unified School District (LHPUSD) staff with Trauma-Informed Systems Training 101. In addition, a 10-person cohort from Puente and LHPUSD was formed to create a group of trainers. In the near future, these trainings will Puente is on the journey to also be available in Spanish as two become a trauma-informedmembers of Puentes education team agency. are also getting certified as trainers. The impact of generational trauma can be profound. It can inhibit good relationship building and the ability to trust, or in children, the ability to pay attention in school, says Puente Clinical Director Joann Watkins.Over the years, Watkins and her team have seen the effect that generational trauma has on entire families. Trauma impacts our DNA, so the intergenerational transmission of trauma can be passed on to our children. A systematic and preventive approach is whats needed to stop the cycle and create new best practices on how we address trauma and chronic stress in our community.The trainings were made possible by a grant from the Sand Hill Foundation, and the curriculum comes from HEARTS: UCSF Healthy Environments and Response to Trauma in Schools.8'